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Studies have show today that Primary care physicians need to be more aware of the other medical issues that may be surrounding ADHD.  We have to work with researchers and parents of those diagnosed to be aware of the overall health concerns.  Surfacing sidebar effects could be eating disorders or self harm.  However even with all these concerns there is still so much that can be done.  If you think your child may be showing signs of ADHD or similar behaviors please see a doctor for testing immediately.

ADHD: 2015’s Most Important Research

ADHD What you need to know

We want parents to know that there are many layers to ADHD.  Treatment is available for children today and it doesn’t always involve medication.  If your child has been diagnosed with, or you think they may have ADHD it’s important to talk to your doctor.  Remember to ask questions no matter how silly you think they may seem.  As a parent you’ll need understanding of your child’s disorder so that you can help them the best way possible.  The attached article gives you basic information about ADHD. Remember to always stick to the facts when learning and dealing with health conditions in your children.

ADHD 7 Facts You Need To Know